Participants of the Meeting who would like to present oral or poster presentations should submit abstracts to the scientific committee online from April 1 to July 15 2018. Please follow the guidelines below for abstract submissions

Abstract submission guidelines.

Author must register or log in to MY PAGE in order to submit an abstract. On submission, acknowledgement will be sent to the presenting author via e-mail. Abstracts will be reviewed by the scientific board and published in the Meeting Proceedings booklet.

1. The document should be submitted in MS Word format using the online submission form on MY PAGE. Only abstracts submitted online will be accepted.

2. It is the responsibility for the authors to ensure the accuracy of the abstract.

3. The abstract should not exceed 2,500 characters including names of the authors, affiliations and references.

4. Use Arial font at 12 points for all text (title, body and reference).

5. Type the title with capital letters, bold face and cantered, followed by (O) for an oral presentation or (P) for a poster session.

6. Author(s) and affiliation(s) should be cantered. The name of the main author (presenter) should be underlined. Write the name of author(s) in order of first name and last name

Please register in order to submit an abstract.

If you have already registered please log in to submit an abstract